Temporary Walls

The Easy & Convenient Way to Divide Your Living Space

Residential Use of Temporary Walls

Temporary walls became very popular  in New York City and now can be seen more and more in cities such as Boston and Los Angeles.

As you may know, renting an apartment in Manhattan is sometimes not possible on just one person's salary thus the popularity of non-permanent walls to create an additional room to make living with a roommate easier.

Things to know before you install a temporary wall system:

 - Make sure you find out from your building's management if these systems are even allowed in the first place. Not every building allows the use of these walls, so this is something that you might want to definitely consider when hunting for a new apartment.

- If your building management allows pressurized walls, make sure to know exact requirements so that the company you decide to use can complete the job accordingly.

- By law, most cities require that a room have a window in order to be inhabitable so make sure you factor this in when planning your wall layout.

- If you live in NYC, rooms must be at least 80 square feet in size.


For more NYC specific building requirements, visit: